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A “Latebomb” is a term coined by Playbomb Reviews that refer to any write-up that is “late” in its publishing related to the release date of the medium on subject. All Latebombs applies to reviews of movies and games.

The general rule for publishing is that a reviews is considered a Latebomb if it is published 4 weeks after the release of the medium

For example, if a game is released on the 1st of December, 2018, and the review is published on the 1st January 2018, the review is considered a Latebomb Review. Hence the title of the write-up would result as [Latebomb Reviews: Game / Movie Name]

An “Op-Bomb” is a term coined by Playbomb Reviews referring to any opinion write-ups based on movies and games.

These opinion pieces may be about a certain style of cinematography, a feature of a game developer or movie director, and any other forms of opinion in a given medium.

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