Reviews: Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC (Spoiler-free)

Developer: Insomniac Games
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PS4 Pro
Story Completed
Hours Played: ~3-4

Review Read: ~5mins

Spider-Man’s Turf Wars is the next instalment of the DLC series The City that Never Sleeps and, unlike its previous DLC chapter, takes a darker turn in its storytelling. It brings nothing new to the table in terms of gameplay, but it will keep you at the edge of your seat, causing you to look forward  into finishing the story come December.

The Price of Justice

The DLC adds an emotional story arc of Yuri Watanabe, but do the events that occur justify her new motivations?

Unlike the previous DLC, the relationship of MJ and Peter Parker takes back seat here (She only has two lines of dialogue in the game), and instead, focuses on Yuri Watanabe, a supporting character of the game and Captain of the NYPD. The plot revolves mostly around her, exploring themes like the price of leadership, and carrying heavy burdens as a person of authority. Spider-Man as a character feels more like a pawn – Not like he is always in control, but this time, it feels like we are playing a supporting character instead; only witnessing every event with little of his hand of participation in Yuri’s story arc. The main villain at play here is Hammerhead, and throughout the game, the character development between Hammerhead and Yuri takes centre stage.

Although adding a new focus on story for a supporting character such as Yuri Watanabe, I didn’t think that the script properly justified how she developed. The story zooms in on a more professional-personal point of Yuri as a character, and tries to twist that aspect, giving her a motivation to ‘act’ a certain way as a character that does not hold water. With the plot of the vanilla game being larger in scale (and with that scale – logically speaking – the likelihood of any NYPD team members dying off is higher), Yuri having to react on the loss of her own men in her way in the DLC feels a little out of place thematically speaking.

Spider-Man’s playful banter never fails to disappoint

Nevertheless, Spider-Man still holds his level of entertainment in his witty banter; I found myself laughing out loud on one or two occasions with his verbal reactions to situations. Also, the game ended off in a position where you would want to finish the story and see how the conclusion really turns out – and that is 3 to 4 hours worth spending.


Same Spider, Slightly Different Way of Playing

The addition of this new flying thug adds more dynamics to Spider-Man’s combat

Like the previous DLC, accessing the new one clears your map off side quests (discount the landmarks you have not visited and taken a selfie with.) and as you progress through the game, the new DLC adds things for you to complete. These ‘new side quests’ are not new – They are very similar to the things you have experienced in the vanilla arc and the previous DLC. You will still clear gang controlled areas by defeating waves of thugs and finish Screwball’s social media challenges.

What does bring a small breath of fresh air is the addition of a new type of “flying shielded enemy”. Unlike the previous new goon introduced (referring to the really annoying gatling gun toting bald hulk), this new flying thug with an energised shield adds in the need to be more mobile in your combat. This guy likes to charge to you with his shield while leaving a trail of energy that can do damage to you over time if you step on it. So that new addition is a good one for combat dynamics.

You get to play more of Spider-bot, and that’s cool

The game also introduced a new section for Spider-Bot. There’s this portion of the DLC where you get to control this useful gadget and scurry around to collect information in a stealth mission. I think this also adds a breath of fresh air to what is a game where instead of controlling MJ or Miles for a stealth mission, you get to control something that is in the perspective of a mouse (in the form of a robot spider).

More suits, no new suit abilities

There are three new additions to your plethora of available suits too. Like the previous DLC, there are no new abilities to pair with these new suits. I do hope that the next and last instalment of the three part DLC series would at least introduce a suit with a new ability. These suits are starting to feel more like cosmetic benefits than anything else. To digress, I think the Spider-Armor MKI is a good alternative to the all black Noir suit (Not included other black suits like the MkII and the Dark suit).


On to the Next One

Spider-Man Turf Wars is a good addition to the story of our new web-swinging PS4 exclusive mascot – However, it flaws in its thematics. Nevertheless, throughout the short span of the DLC, I would be looking forward to how the power of the Maggias conclude


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