Reviews: Spider-Man The Heist DLC (Spoiler-free)

Developer: Insomniac Games
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PS4 Pro
DLC Story Completed
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Spider-Man’s The Heist is the first chapter of the three-part DLC saga The City that Never Sleeps – So when you play the game expect something of a cliff-hanger. Like the original game, the DLC hinges a lot on its story, but it doesn’t shine with anything new in its gameplay.


Curiosity Killed the Cat

The push and pull relationships of Peter, Felicia, and MJ are quite riveting – And that’s probably the only notable selling point of the DLC

The game takes place sometime after the event of the original. From the trailers, we know the villain in question to be Black Cat. This first chapter of the three-part DLC leans more on a ‘friendly neighbourhood’ Spiderman plot, with the emphasis on ‘neighbourhood’. There’s no catastrophic event threatening mankind; like the name suggests, it just starts off with a heist before we’re introduced to a questionably ‘old’ looking Felicia Hardy (It might be just me, but she gave me this late 30s vibe for a woman.) caught in the middle of a criminal family trying to fill up the power void left by Mister Negative’s Inner Demons and Kingpin.

Felicia’s motives are questionable at first, but it is thrilling when the game offers us at least a chance to team up with the black cat bombshell. Felicia’s relationship with Peter goes way back, and we’re breadcrumbed through their experiences together. Sometimes, these experiences get in the way of Peter Parker and MJ when they’re trying to chasing down and investigate her whereabouts and next move. The game also introduces really interesting ‘what-ifs’, however, it is disappointing to know some of them to be red herrings instead when these ‘what-ifs’ could be really capable story plots to be explored in the future. Nevertheless, the story presented made us look forward to the next DLC with baited anticipation.


The Leopard (Or Cat) Doesn’t Change Its Spots

Changes in gameplay are little with filler missions and underwhelming new enemies

Accessing the DLC clears your map off things to do from the vanilla game and slowly filling up new jobs to accomplish based on the different story premises. There’s nothing entirely new presented to the gameplay. Given that the vanilla game was released recently, the comparison between the DLC and the original does not fall far from the tree. No new mechanics were introduced, just new filler mission types (The ones similar to the mini-missions from Harry Osbourne’s rooftop science labs, or catching pigeons.). So, gameplay-wise, there’s nothing impressive to note.

Except for this bugger – he’s one annoying goon

Apart from the one new Gatling gun wielding brute introduced to further complicate combat by forcing you to keep yourself mobile, the mob enemies are not impressive – just henchmen from the Maggia family.

What is a notable addition though, is three new suits that Spiderman can change into. My favourite is the Spider-UK suit – ‘Cause I just appreciate William Braddock as a character in Earth-833. There are other suits to unlock as well; like the Resilient Suit and the Scarlet Spider II. These suits have no new unlockable superpowers though, but they’re still useful if you’re creating your own micro-narratives.

Stay tuned for the next DLC review

The new Spiderman DLC offers little to the table in terms of gameplay. The main takeaway is its story with the push and pull relationships of Peter Parker, Felicia Hardy, and MJ. I’d recommend waiting out the next two chapters of DLC to be released to enjoy more of its content.


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