Reviews: Spider-Man Silver Lining DLC (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

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Spider-Man’s Silver Lining is the final instalment of the three-part DLC series The City that Never Sleeps. Although the DLC may feel somewhat shorter than the previous ones, it proved to bring a fitting end for the series, and set up for the sequels to come for the franchise.

Nothing New to the Table

Let’s get the simple points out quick first – Like the previous chapter, this DLC brought in pretty few new experiences to the table in comparison to whatever you have experienced previously (vanilla story included). You’ll find new challenges by Screwball, and will be introduced to new Hammerhead bases to clear out. You’ll also get new suits, but no additional new abilities. And finally, there’re no new enemies for mention, although Hammerhead’s goons are now equipped with new Sable Tech armour – but they just feel like skins and not anything functional in terms of enemy AI.

You’ll find nothing really new to the table in this DLC; but there are still impressive elements to be discussed

The Story So Far

Silver Sable returns to New York since the end of the events of the vanilla game for this DLC. Ever since Hammerhead’s growth in power with the Maggia, they have taken control of Silver Sable’s technology. She has returned to put things straight – To gain control of the technology she has left behind in New York and take it back from Hammerhead’s hands. MJ has also returned in her researching and investigation with Peter Parker against Hammerhead – and this return has brought back many mushy ‘awww’ moments for the couple. After the events of the previous DLC, Yuri Watanabe was given administrative leave, so you’ll hear little about her and from her; but that does not she’ll be completely missing from the development of the story as a whole.

This story is about Silver Sable…And Hammerhead

Two Silver Linings in… Well, Silver Linings

There are two notable elements of the DLC that I’d like to point out that had impressed me. Firstly, I appreciated the fact that the story had took me away from the cityscapes of New York and brought me to the sewers of New York for some stealth and combat. This was a new experience and environment compared to whatever I had experienced in previous instalments. Exploring a little bit of the sewers also brought back beats of the Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Bringing me to this environment convinced me that Insomniac is bold to explore new environments in New York and bring in villains like The Lizard in their possible sequels. The traversing and stealth of the sewers were, although familiar, fun and engaging.

Bringing the franchise to the sewers of New York showed me that Insomniac is not afraid to explore new environments for exploration and combat – and that bodes well for future installments of the franchise

The second notable feature of this DLC is a new form of map-based side mission (Those that is similar to the base clearing and Screwball’s challenges.). Near the end of the game, Spider-Man finds a police case file and a recording of a Therapist and a Maggia thug; this recording would kick off a side mission for you to find other recordings of how their conversation took place. Without getting much into spoiler territory, I found this side mission to stand out because of how it easily hooked me in and compelled me to find all 9 of these recordings in the map. It was also a great development for Yuri’s involvement in the story and her set up to become Wraith for the future games.

One side mission stood out to set Yuri up as Wraith

The Red (or Black) Line in Silver Linings

I had only 1 problem against Silver Lining (and this involves is a spoiler, so SPOILER WARNING). The first DLC gave this enticing arc for Black Cat, and built on her possible development for the future DLC sequels; players would be aware that there was an explosion in her apartment when she entered, and her body was nowhere to be found, so she’s literally schrodinger’s cat. In Silver Lining, she appears for a brief moment, and gives Peter Parker a deus ex machina against Hammerhead, and just takes off. You never hear from her from that point out – no explanation, no plot development on her side of the story, nothing. I found this part of the DLC to be, in the words of Deadpool, well, that’s just lazy writing. I felt that it did Black Cat some sort of plot writing injustice; you gave her a whole DLC, and then just brush her aside like she didn’t exist. Silver Lining should have introduced her earlier, incorporated her more into the development – That would have strengthened the writing of the game and the development of The Heist’s story arc.

Where did she come from? How did she survive? Who-? wha-? We’ll never get answers 🙁

All the Feels

Nevertheless, Silver Lining brought a fitting ending to Insomniac’s Spider-Man. We see Miles finally getting the training he was looking forward to too. Finally, we also get to experience Insomniac’s ‘thank you and goodbye’ to Stan Lee. That showed fans that Insomniac themselves are not just active fans of not only Spider-Man, but the whole Marvel franchise as a whole.

Silver Lining’s ending has positioned the franchise for an exciting sequel

Silver Lining is a great DLC to give this Spider-Man game the farewell it deserves until the next Spider-Man game is announced and developed.

Insomniac’s ode to Stan Lee shows how much they care for the franchise and Marvel fans alike

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