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Developer: Mediatonic
Massive Multiplayer Party Game
Platform Played: 
PS4 Pro
Hours Played: ~2

Review Read: ~5mins

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is just plain, simple, fun!

Devolver Digital is, once again, the publisher for unique, weird, memorable gaming experiences. Fall Guys is an add on to their menagerie of fun and bite-sized game ideas that will leave a lasting impression on you for a long time.

If I were to describe Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout the best I can, I would say, take games like Apex Legends and PUBG, take away the guns, and slap on the branding of ABC’s Wipeout. You’re basically a Fall Guy, this cute fella that makes “hoot hoot” sounds, that takes part in multi-mini game rounds to be the last man standing. The controls are five-parts simple: You move your Fall Guy with the left thumbstick, control the camera with your right, you can jump, dive through obstacles, and there’s grab mechanic. The game is colourful, giggle-inducing fun, simple, and most of all addictive to play. There will be times where winning wouldn’t even be in your agenda because you’ll find that fooling around with other players is so much more entertaining.

The mini-games in Fall Guys are simple to understand and are fresh in every playthrough – Not because the games are varied, but because the game has a lot of charm. You’ll take part in activities like races, platforming, play absurd soccer, participate in a Fall Guy version of Penguin Trap, and steal flags from different teams disguised as tails.  As a player, you’ll always be compelled to play through another round just to see what happens to the other 59 players going through the same gameshow and stages with you. It’s ironic because although your ultimate goal is to be first place in every playthrough, you don’t mind if you lose – the visuals and the whole gaming experience makes you become this really friendly, really forgiving individual. Sometimes, you’ll even root for players you don’t even know or meet.

On top of all the gameplay, you’ll find earning costumes and designs for your Fall Guy a joy. For such a simple character, there’s enough to customise. From suit colour to hats and theatrics, it’s exciting to work toward a personality of the Fall Guy you want. It makes you attached to him, and that’s a plus.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a great blueprint for multiplayer gaming. I’m hopeful that Mediatonic would work toward including a four-person couch multiplayer feature for the game. It will be a waste if they didn’t. It’s been day four of the game’s release and sometimes, it’ll take you forever to play a single game. The great thing is, they keep you up to speed with the game servers and my matchmaking experiences have been improving. I love the community manager too – He or she has the voice for the branding down.

Fall Guys is a great party game to play when you’re hosting friends and family – It’s just that for now, you need to take turns. It’s still as fun to play as it is as fun to watch. You’re lucky if you’re a PS4 user, you had the chance to download it for free. But if you’ve missed the window or are from the PC Master Race, it’s worth the 30 dollar price point.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Score: - 8



Plain, Simple Fun!

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