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10 Movies Playbomb Reviews is looking forward to in 2019

Op-Bomb Read: ~15 mins

Last week, we shared about some of the video games Playbomb Reviews’ looking forward to get our hands on and play. This week, we’ll be talking about the movies we’re all excited for. Now, we know that the grand majority of us will be stoked for Captain Marvel in March, Avengers: Endgame come April, and Spiderman: Far From Home in July; so let’s just get those out of the way and focus on the other movies that we think might be worth talking about. Here are 10 movies PBRV would be reviewing and talking about in 2019 (In order of stipulated release date in Singapore).

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7 Movies to Watch This Halloween Season (2018)

Opbomb Read: ~15 mins

It’s Halloween week and some of us may not be heading out trick-or-treating (Seriously, who goes out to Trick-or-Treat in Singapore?). But for the most of us who do not have the mental capacity, energy, or time to brace the scares in Universal Studios Singapore, we might want to consider sitting at home on our couches cowering behind our blankets while watching a horror flick instead. If you have that agenda in mind for the week, we’ve got you covered.

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The Art of Gestalt: Movies

Opbomb Read: ~10mins

Gestalt is a term found in the study of psychology that refers to the perception of a wholesome picture more than the smaller parts that make that picture. There are many laws that make the field of gestalt and these laws are used to create beautiful art. It is more of an “Outside-in” kind of idea. In order to talk about how gestalt psychology plays into film, we will need to draw upon the idea of how gestalt psychology plays into paintings.

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