5 Games to Play for (Post) Halloween Season (2018)

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It’s the end of Halloween but that does not mean we cannot squeeze in a few more scares with the games we play. While many of us are filling up our game-time with the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2, the others may want to embrace the spirit of Halloween one last time this year with these 5 games.


1. Kholat (2015)

Kholat is a creepypasta for console and PC gaming

One of the things that make Halloween such a fun season are it’s tales that make someone’s hair stand on end – Those of the unimaginable, gruesome, or just downright creepy. Some of these stories may come from cryptids (Like Nessie), but in todays day and age, stories of cryptids evolve to become tales we call ‘Creepypastas’. When scary enough, these pastas will rear its ugly head in the big screens of Hollywood, like the recent Slenderman movie.

This recommendation isn’t about Slenderman although there are games about the tall gentlemen that can be on par with what we’re about to introduce. But we think Kholat to be a more suitable choice because the game was based on a true incident that became so sensationalised, most of their theories are almost believable.

Kholat is based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident. In February 1959, a group of Russian students went missing on a mountain called Kholat Syakhl (Which meant “Dead Mountain” in Mansi). The tents they used during their climb seemed like they were cut from the inside, the bodies found were either mutilated, or missing various body parts like their eyes and tongue. This game is based on this mysterious incident.

Although in reality, investigations on the incident did not arrive to a satisfactory conclusion, this game explores what may have happened to the students – Even on paranormal means. Also, it’s voiced by Sean Bean; one of his projects where he doesn’t die as a character.


2. Call of Cthulhu (2018)

You’ll need a pure Lovecraftian tale if you want to get into the spirit of Halloween

In one of our previous opbombs, we mentioned that Junji Ito is the H.P Lovecraft of Manga (And then we went on to introduce one of the films that was inspired by one of the manga he wrote). Now that we’ve mentioned H.P Lovecraft, we need to give him proper credit for a slot in one of our Halloween lists. And what better timing to introduce the new Call of Cthulhu (Pronouned “Kuh-Thoo-Loo) release?

Call of Cthulu follows investigator Edward Pierce as he finds out dark secrets under the depths (and in the caves) of Darkwater Island in Boston. It’s one of those games where the protagonist goes to a place and everything there seems all dandy and fine, but you know there’s something definitely fishy (pun intended) about the place.

The game’s an RPG, so there’s light combat and stealth elements to them on top of different dialogues that can get you to accomplish tasks differently. It doesn’t do anything different to investigation/RPG games, but it certainly is a good Lovecraftian horror game that sticks quite closely to Its source material.


3. Bloodborne (2015)

Speaking of Lovecraft, Bloodborne is also a great addition if you want to explore a Lovecraftian-like game

In the spirit of Lovecraftian games, we have Bloodborne. Playstation owners will like this recommendation because it’s a console exclusive. Bloodborne is basically Dark Souls but faster (and in some ways, harder). It’s very hard not to mention Bloodborne when you are thinking of recommending horror games because the whole premise of the game is basically something out of a mix of H.P. Lovecraft and classic gothic horror stories.

In the game, you’re a hunter placed in this gothic city called Yharnam. Yharnam is famous for using blood to cure illnesses – So they have a school there that studies blood ministration (and cosmic beings), a church that worships and uses the blood for healing, things like that. The catch is, the blood they use transforms the people in Yharnam to beasts. So, you’re the hunter that hunts beasts. It’s quite convoluted if you think about it, but once you get into the game’s story, you’ll be invested. It also brings the best scares if you play the game on your own. Did I mention it also has a really memorable creepy soundtrack that consist of mostly a choir shrieking at the top of their lungs melodically?

Lastly, you’ll die a lot in the game, so get used to it.


4. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

“Welcome to the family, son”

I believe this game requires little introduction because it’s one of the longest running horror game franchises in all of video game history. One of the security blankets that makes horror games bearable is its weapons. Like, the werewolf would lose its charm the moment you know a silver bullet can kill it. Resident Evil 7 takes it up a notch by placing you in this house next to a bayou in Louisiana with a family that is virtually biologically immune to bullets. This game brings back the survival horror trope by really limiting the number of bullets you can take with you and you can find, and forces you to manage your inventory well with puzzle pieces, herbs for healing, and weapons to bring around.

The scares are also quite in-your-face given the whole game is from a first-person perspective.


5. Outlast (All Three of Them: 1, Whistleblower, 2)

Outrun and Outlast insane inmates and cult members this Halloween season

Remember when we said weapons make horror games more bearable? Outlast takes all the things you can defend yourself with away and just throws you in the deep end of the scream pool. We know we’re killing three birds with one stone here with three games because all three games are worth playing (also, you can get the trilogy in one price point if you’re a console player), but if you’re asking which one is worth the scares – we’d recommend the first game.

In Outlast, you’re this freelance investigative journalist that has decided you should do a cover on this asylum that has allegedly conducted inhumane experiments on its occupants. With only your video camera, you set out to uncover the truth. We know – stupid right? What could go wrong?

In this game, you have NOTHING to defend yourself with. All you have is your video camera that can help you see in the dark and all you need to do is hide when there are insane inmates out there to get you. Once they’re gone, you move on. If they spot you, you run like heck and pray they don’t get to you. The whole game is jumpscare galore – perfect for a post-Halloween catchup.

So with the end of Halloween, there’s still hope for a heart attack. These 5 games are sure to take up your time during this season before Christmas.


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